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Kanchenjunga Classic Trekking - 29 Days

Kanchenjunga Circuit Trekking. Third highest mountain, High altitude adventure,
Kanchenjunga Classic Trekking

Kanchenjunga Classic Trekking-

A chance to reach the base camp of the third highest mountain in the world, Kanchenjunga (8586 m), Kanchenjunga Classic Trekking is a wonderful journey to the remote mountain trails. Located in the far east of Nepal, Kanchenjunga means “five treasures of the great snow” which is also a reference to the five summits that make up the massif. The remote journey to Kanchenjunga Base camp offers a unique insight into the life, culture and tradition of the Kirat people.

Starting from Suketar, takes you through rhododendron, oak jungles, cardamom gardens, and juniper bushes. The flora and fauna of this region know no bounds, home to the mysterious shy snow leopard, there are many wildlife teams here hoping to get a glance of this feline species. This region is also home to Asian black bear, red panda, blood pheasant, and many other species of wildlife. With Limbu and Rai being the main inhabitants of the region, you can see a confluence of culture and tradition. Many prayer flags are seen fluttering in the region on many bridges, stupas, and Chortens. This region, due to its immense biodiversity, is taken as one of the 200 global economy regions recognized by the World Wildlife Fund. Nestled under the giants such as Jannu (7711m) and Kanchenjunga (8586m), trekking in this region is a solo trekker’s paradise. For anyone who enjoys peace and solitude, this is the best option. You can spend your days relaxing and enjoying the village life with cattle making their way about the pastures and birds singing their happy tunes.

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Day 1
Arrival in Kathmandu International Airport (1350m) and transfer to hotel.

Welcome to Kathmandu. As you land at the airport, our staff will receive you and transfer you to your hotel where you can rest and prepare for the upcoming trek.

Day 2
Kanchenjungha special permit preparation day or sightseeing day in Kathmandu as per your program, O/N in hotel.

Today we will spend time in Kathmandu taking care of the permits and any last minute shopping and purchases we have to make. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 3
Day03: Fly Bhadrapur and drive to drive Ilam Tea Garden, O/N in Kanyam.

Early in the morning, we will take a flight to the eastern region of Nepal to Bhadrapur Airport. As soon as we are airborne, we will be able to see the many mountains of the Great Himalayas that cover the Nepalese territory on the northern side throughout its length. It is a wonderful and joyous feeling seeing the Himalayas below us, and soon we will be in the lap of one of the many giants. From Bhadrapur, we will take a short drive to reach the tea heaven Ilam, where we stay for the night.

Day 4
Drive to Suketar (2420m) from Ilam, 6-7 hrs, O/N in local lodge or hotel.

Today we will drive to Suketar which is around 220kms from Ilam. We will continue to travel on the Mechi Highway till its end. The winding roads through lush green hills make it a very beautiful ride, where we will be crossing the Mai Khola, Kabeli River, and many fields of various crops. Driving through bumpy and narrow roads, we arrive in the small town of Suketar. Overnight in Suketar.

Day 5
Trek to Phurumbu (1542m), 5-6 hrs.

We begin our trek from Suketar and enter through the Limbu village, which is the gateway to this trek. Through the forest of cardamom, we will make our way to Hangdewa. Many tea shops and guest houses line the way as we cross suspension bridges and walk along the banks of a small stream to finally climb uphill to reach Phurumbu. Overnight in Phurumbu.

Day 6
Trek to Chiruwa (1270m), 5-6 hrs.

From Phurumbu, we will initially climb uphill for a while and then slowly descend through dense forest until we reach Sinwa Bazaar, which is likely to take us around 3 hours. After having our lunch here, we will start walking alongside the Tamor River until we reach the entrance gate to the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area Project at Thiwa. From here, we will descend until reaching Chiruwa, which is a small market area. Overnight in Chiruwa.

Day 7
Trek to Sukethum (1576m), 6 hrs.

As we make our way to Sukethum, we will meet some beautiful meadows and will reach the gate of Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, where our permits will be checked. We will cross the Tamor River and start walking on the trail which goes through lush forests. This region has bountiful flora and fauna, and many different species of butterflies can be seen fluttering. We will slowly then ascend on a steep hillside and cross the Tamor River one more time to make a short climb to Sukethum. Overnight in Sukethum.

Day 8
Trek to Amjilosa (2310m), 6-7 hrs.

With views of the Kumbakarna or Jannu Mountain (7711m), we will make our way to Amjilosa. This walk is rather tough than the days before because we will walk on narrow slippery paths and cross the river on old wooden bridges. We will see deep gorges and will also climb in and out of one. Finally, we will reach Amjilosa, which is a small village with a collection of lodges situated on the hill high above the gorge. Overnight in Amjilosa.

Day 9
Trek to Gyabla (2730m), 5 hrs.

Following the hillside through dense lush forests, we will move further today. This is a narrow path which is exposed in many places and also has wild bamboo taking over the surrounding. We will slowly begin to climb up and cross a few waterfalls and bridges. As we enter Gyabla, we will be able to view the emerging Kyabru range. Gyabla is a small beautiful Tibetan settlement where the air is much cooler and gives you a sense of finally entering the mountains. Overnight in Gyabla.

Day 10
Trek to Ghunsa (3595m), 5-6 hrs.

Gearing up in warmer clothes, we will begin our walk to Ghunsa and reach the river once again. As we walk, we will be entering the jungle of larch pine and then a wide valley. This section of the walk is relatively easy. We will stop in Phole for lunch, where we can see yaks and their herders along with an old Gompa ruin. We will walk for 2 more hours before we reach the village of Ghunsa, which houses the Kirats and also has a small hydroelectricity power plant. Overnight in Ghunsa.

Day 11
Acclimatize day, hike around the Village, O/N in Ghunsa Village.

Today is the first day of acclimatization, and we will do so by hiking in and around Ghunsa. This is an ideal day to clean up and also to prepare and sort out our gear before we begin the difficult portion of this trek. Ghunsa village is located at the foothill of the Jannu Mountain (7711m), and we can see many small houses of wood and mud made beautifully by the natives. The Jannu is considered a sacred mountain by the people of this region who believe it has spiritual powers. We can hike up to Tashi Choding Gumba and the small yet beautiful waterfall behind it. Overnight in Ghunsa.

Day 12
Trek to Kambachen (4050m), 5-6 hrs.

Today we will make our way out of Ghunsa to Kambachen with incredible views of the snow-capped mountains. We will follow the river to beautiful meadows and alpine forests and isolated juniper patches. Kambachen is one of the temporary settlements of this region as people move their residence according to the weather; during summer time they gain altitude while in winter they move to a lower altitude. Overnight in Kambachen.

Day 13
Trek to Lhonak (4785m), 5-6 hrs.

On the hillside of the northern banks of the river, we will make our way to Lhonak. The trail takes us through a waterfall, which has icy cold water and needs hopping over its boulders. We will ascend to beautiful pasture and grazing lands with yaks as we continue to gain altitude. We will get a good view of the Kanchenjunga Glacier, and Chang Himal (6802m) becomes visible to us as we enter Lhonak. Overnight in Lhonak.

Day 14
Excursion to Pangpema Basecamp or Kanchenjungha North Basecamp (5143m), Back to Lhonak, 8-9 hrs.

Today we will make an excursion to Pangpema Base Camp and return to Lhonak. On the way, we will pass through some narrow trails and ice-covered areas as we follow Kanchenjunga Glacier upward. The Chang Himal (6802m) can be seen looming upon our right-hand side and the horizon can be seen covered with various mountain ranges, including Kanchenjunga (8586m). The peaks of Kirat Chuli (7362m) and Nepal Peak (7177m) appear almost touchable from Pangpema. After the exploration of Pangpema Base Camp, we will head back to Lhonak for the overnight stay.

Day 15
Trek to Ghunsa, 6-7 hrs.

Retracing our steps and enjoying the wonderful scenery, we make our back to Ghunsa today. We will enjoy the beauty of Junna Mountain (7711m) as we return to Ghunsa. This time the feeling and excitement of reaching Ghunsa are different from what was before. Overnight in Ghunsa.

Day 16
Trek to Selele (4290m), 5-6 hrs.

Passing the hydroelectricity plant, we make our way to Sele le today and gain a considerable amount of altitude. We will pass through jungles of pine, juniper, and rhododendron as we begin to take a steep and rocky climb up the hill. As we exit the rocky and lush jungles, we will reach Sele le, a small camping spot next to a pristine stream where there is big boulders green in color due to moss and lichen covering it. Overnight in Selele.

Day 17
Trek to Cheram (3870m), 7-9 hrs.

This is a challenging walk as compared to the other days we’ve had. We will start walking up a steep hill towards Sele Le Pass (4480m) with the view of Mount Kanchenjunga (8586m) and Jannu (7711m). We will walk taking small but continuous steps so that we do not tire easily. We will walk uphill for a while and then descend on a trail with many boulders on the way. We will reach Cheram after descending for a couple of hours. Overnight in Cheram.

Day 18
Trek to Tortong (2995m), 7-8 hrs.

This is an easy trek from Cheram to Tortong. We will take the trail that goes through Anda Phedi and enters dense forests of rhododendron. We will lose quite an altitude today. We will also see the Simbuwa Khola and walk on the path next to it before reaching our destination Tortong, which is a small settlement with homestays and tea houses. Overnight in Tortong.

Day 19
Trek to Yamphudin (2080m), 6-7 hrs.

The most challenging part of today’s trek will be the climb to the hill top after crossing Simbuwa Khola. The steep uphill climb brings you to the top of Lasiya Bhanjyang (3310m) and then descends alongside Amji Khola to reach the traditional Rai village of Yamphudin. You can spend your free time here by exploring the village and getting to know about the Rai way of life. Overnight in Yamphudin.

Day 20
Trek to Mamankhe (1785m), 6 hrs.

From Tortong, we will move early in the morning towards Yamphudin, which is one of the biggest Rai settlements in this region. There are some good tea houses along this trail. Descending alongside Kabeli Khola through the forest, we will reach the settlement of Mamankhe, where there is a Limbu Museum and Cultural Center that showcases the culture and tradition of the Limbu folks residing on the lower sections of Kanchenjunga. Overnight in Mamankhe.

Day 21
Trek to Khesewa (2120m), 5 hrs.

After crossing Mamankhe and following the similar terrain, we make our way downhill. There are many cardamom plantation areas along the way, and we will pass through many small settlements before we reach the Khesewa River and cross it to reach Khesewa village. Overnight in Khesewa.

Day 22
Trek to Lalikharka (2720m), 5 hrs.

We will follow a similar landscape with cardamom gardens and rhododendron patches as we make our way to Lalikharka. We will have lost considerable altitude and are almost reaching the end of our trek. It is also an ideal time to immerse ourselves in the wonders of nature before reaching back to the stress of city life. Overnight in Lalikharka.

Day 23
Trek to Suketar or Taplejung, 5-6 hrs. O/N in local guesthouse.

Following the trail through the forest, we will make our way to Suketar today. When we first left this place, we were filled with excitement for the journey, but now we will feel a different kind of excitement. A feeling of accomplishment and pride is bound to take over you as you reach Suketar and head to the village of Taplejung. Overnight in Taplejung.

Day 24
Drive to Ilam by Jeep, Van, 6-7 hrs, O/N in Kaynam Tea Garden.

From Taplejung, with scenic views, we make our way to Ilam, which is famous for the tea estates and its lush green gardens. You can take this chance to visit the estate in the hills of Ilam and also taste a few of the tasty brew. Overnight in Ilam.

Day 25
Drive to Bhadrapur airport fly to Kathmandu, check in hotel,

From the tea estates of Ilam, today we will drive to Bhadrapur, and from there, we will take a short flight back to Kathmandu, officially ending our trek. Upon arrival in Kathmandu, you will be transferred to your hotel for the overnight stay.

Day 26
Finale departure from Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport for your further destination.

As your journey comes to an end, our staff will drop you off at the airport. We hope to be able to serve you again soon.

Price Includes

  • Airport pick up and drive according to itinerary and plan.
  • Hotel in Kathmandu with breakfast.
  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu as per program.
  • Cultural guide and private vehicle during the sightseeing.
  • Monument entrance fees during the visit in Kathmandu according as per program.
  • Kanchenjunga special trekking permit.
  • Kanchenjunga Conservation permit.
  • TIMS cards: Trekking Information Management System.
  • Food and accommodation during the trekking: B/L/D.
  • Hot drinks- Teak, Coffee, during the trek.
  • Domestic flight tickets: Kathmandu to Bhadrapur to Kathmandu for members and guides.
  • Porters and guide with their wages, transportation.
  • Land Transportations as per itinerary.
  • Insurance for local staffs: Guide, Porter and assistant.
  • High altitude chamber as per requirement.
  • Local airport tax and land transportation according to program.
  • Applicable Nepal government tax.

Price Excludes

  • Nepal entry visa.
  • International flights and airport tax.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Personal expenses, Hot or Mineral water
  • Laundry service and Bar Bills
  • Internet and Battery charge
  • Alcoholic drinks with mineral water.
  • Rescue in emergency.

  1. Sleeping bag (–15° is ideal)
  2. Silk liner, Backpack
  3. Wool socks, trekking pants and camp shoes.
  4. Woolen thermals, Sweater, Fleece-Shirts.
  5. Wind-Waterproof jacket and pants.
  6. Heavyweight pants for high elevations (also good for camp)
  7. Winter hat, gloves and cap.
  8. Water purifier pump, tablets.
  9. Water bottle and Hand sanitizer.
  10. Walking poles, UV protected Sunglasses.
  11. Head lamp, reading materials.
  12. Camera with extra batteries.
  13. Day pack: rain jacket, snacks for emergency.
  14. Duffle bag, Gators for the snow.
  15. Toiletries-toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, floss etc.
  16. Personal First aid kit set.
  17. Copies or original official document- Passport, Insurance paper, Auto size photographs.

Trip Facts

  • Hard
  • 5143M
  • Trekking, Walking
  • Local teahouse/Camping
  • Kanchenjungh Region
  • Oct-Nov/March-May
  • Sukerar-Taplejung
  • Suketar-Taplejung
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Kanchenjunga Classic Trekking

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