Tours in Nepal

Tour in Nepal- as it is a diverse country in terms of ethnicity, language, culture, religion and geography. These diversities, the unique rituals and tradition, customs, culture or arts and architectures, old monuments, temples, Shrines, monasteries and other religious sites and their virginity can only be explored through having tour in Kathmandu valley. Each and every temple, shrine, monuments etc no matter where you have to visit around, has tale to tell, So, Nepal is a beautiful country and the best destination for touring.

There is no doubt to explore these diversities, with well-experienced tour guide or cultural guide who has enough knowledge of history, culture and sensible towards others culture, tradition as well. So, you do have to worry with Glacier Family Treks & Expeditions P. Ltd. To accomplish your full of passion to visit these historically and culturally heritage sites, have tour guides who have long and many years of experience with depth of knowledge, who will assist you to have any kinds of tour across the country. Therefore, you can explore the diversities, cultural-heritages sites, lifestyles of local friendly people, as well as flora and fauna.

Popular Trips of Tours in Nepal