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Dilu Rai – Trek-Tour Operator

Mr. Dilu Rai believes that traveling should be accessible to all. Having been bitten by the travel bug very early in his life, Mr. Rai knows the endless amount of joy and inspiration it can bring. Hence, with a dream of making others feel the same joy that he feels, Mr. Rai started specializing in producing trekking and guiding services to people of all ages, families along with other differently abled people. He trudges with them in difficult but equally fulfilling terrains of Everest Khumbu region trek, the Annapurna region trek, Langtang valley trekking, Manaslu valley trekking, Kanchenjunga region trekking, Parke pass Tsum Valley trek and more.

With around two decades of experience, the Trek and Tour Operator of Glacier Family Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd, Mr. Rai has managed to help many experience the Himalayas in their own unique manner. Starting off with humble beginnings Mr. Rai worked hard and patiently to gain full competence, gaining professional language skills in French, Japanese and English to better understand his travelers.

Driven with a motive to showcase the wonders of Nepal, Mr. Rai is a valued member of the company, always using his expertise to provide valuable insights to the company.

Rabindra Giri

Rabin Raj Giri – French Speaking Tour/Trek Guide

Guides are often there to fulfill your traveling needs, with companionship, knowledge of the Himalayas or guidance while exploring them. Mr. Rabin Raj Giri is one such guide who works hard to identify what these needs may be and works hard to fulfill them. One such example of this is when realizing an inflow of French traveling, Mr. Giri took up French language classes to better help his explorers and avoid a “lost in translation” situation.

Born in the laps of towering mountains, Mr. Giri attained the tour guide license in 2009. Since then, he has trekked most of the destinations in Nepal including Everest three passes, Annapurna Base Camp, Manaslu Larke Pass, Tsum Valley Trekking, Annapurna Circuit treks, Mustang hidden valley trek, Panchase homestay trek, Mardi Himal trek and many more. Additionally, an amazingly versatile guide, he has also led many cultural tours to Lumbini cultural visits, Palpa-Tansen, Pokhara valley touring, Kathmandu valley touring including Chitwan Jungle Safari as well. He also capable of handling bigger group-hiking because of his great language skills in English, French, and Chinese along with his experience and expertise when handling the Himalayan traversal.


Uddhe Man Rai- Trekking Guide (Japanese-English Speaking)

One of the biggest and greatest assets a guide can hold is his ability to connect with people coming from different borders. Mr. Uddhe Man Rai has taken this commitment seriously, perfecting his English and Japanese speaking skills to bridge barriers, and make for a smooth traveling experience for his explorers. Born in the beautiful Everest region of Solukhumbu, Mr. Rai has always been acquainted with the mountains. Having seen heaps of tourists move through his home time prompted him to be a part of the experience. In 2008, dedicated to guiding, he became a certified guide receiving training from Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHM), on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation.

Mr.Rai has the complete package of the skills a guide needs; he is equipped with emotional, social, and trekking skills to better facilitate the travelers. Moreover, his experience and continued willingness to improve has led him to be a quick thinker, high adaptable in continuous precision, and able to make sound judgments when emergencies arise. So far, Mr. Rai has led many trekking groups in many different regions of Nepal, including the Manaslu region, the Upper Mustang, the Kanchenjunga trekking region, the Langtang- Helambu region, the Everest region including three passes, the Renjo, Chola and Khongma passes. Mr. Rai’s language skills, great understanding of what explorers’ desire and crafty skills when maneuvering the mountains make him one of our most sought after and skilled guides.

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