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Family trek in Everest.

About us-

Experience, passion and hard work accumulated to birth Glacier Family Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. The company that was established in 2013 exercises a growth-oriented approach, constantly testing out itineraries, trekking techniques, and group dynamics to bring forth a wholesome service that everyone can enjoy. Since its inception, the company has opened doors to travel for all age groups with the prime focus on Nepal Family Treks and expeditions. The need for this form of trips was realized by the founder when he observed that moments high up in the trails looking at breathtaking views was often much better when shared with close-knit families. This realization brought forward a company dynamics that thrives on local knowledge, international expertise, and itineraries that seek fit for families looking to bond as they travel the beautiful terrains of Nepal.

Moreover, the company also understands that traveling to the mountains should never be limited to just those that are young and fit, traveling is an experience that should be within reach for everyone. Hence, Glacier Family Treks and Expeditions formulated an offering that helps families with younger children, adrenaline junkies, and differently abled individuals so that can experience the culturally enriching country that has everything to offer from naturally blessed tours to absolutely exhilarating treks. Moreover, the company does not limit itself to magnificent highlands and peaks, it renders your holidays exciting with many kinds of touristic activities like jungle safari and Cultural Sightseeing Tours. It also provides its clients the opportunity to experience different types of sports activities like Nepal bungee jump, Pokhara paragliding trip, cycling trip in Nepal, River Rafting and many more. Based in the capital city Kathmandu Glacier Family Treks and Expeditions P. Ltd. houses warm inviting staff members, a team of well-experienced, loyal, hardworking, professional guides and assistants will help you in achieving these travel goals. Each member comes in with years of experience in Adventure Traveling and multilingual, able to speak a variety of languages namely French, Italian, Japanese and obviously English.

Glacier Family Treks and Expedition is to make travel accessible to all everyone, sour specialized itineraries, exceptionally Trained Staffs and experienced laced service work to make this objective a reality every day.

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